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Date: 2010-06-28 09:49 (UTC)
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The simple reason for that is that they do not wish to present the average consumer and user with choice paralysis. Most normal people open up a common application or system options dialog box and go, "argh, what the hell do I have to tweak, I see six million options none of which are what I care about?"

I have a simpler reason: Apple are control-freaks and think they can use their heft to direct the market. Witness their recent shift against Flash. Sure, it has its problems (haha, not as unpleasant as the problems with PDF. No, I have no sympathy for Adobe, BTW). Apple's hand has guided the way people think about MP3s and paying for music online.
Apple are big on their systems being a "walled garden", and if they can offer a limited range of features/services to promote their own flavour, they will. Call it a "silo" in business-talk, or if you're less kind, monopolising a niche.

I don't think Apple stupid at all -- I think this is a carefully calculated move. It's business. It's a somewhat unpleasant, bordering on broken, business-model...but it doesn't seem to be hurting their bottom-line enough yet for them to take notice (I think they'll continue to rise for as much as 15-20 years).
I choose not to play their game, though...no Apple products for me, and I don't miss 'em one bit.

This is all aside from the zealous, monomaniacal support from Apple fans, IMHO (though, I think the air of exclusivity is part of what they thrive on). If Douglas Adams had yet another shot at re-writing HHGTTG, he wouldn't make Nokia phones the annoying, bleepy gadget that everyone has and parades-around with (an update in the film on digital watches in the boko), he'd single-out the iPhone.
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