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Date: 2010-06-28 12:15 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] thorfinn
*nod* I'm very happy to agree that if you have the features you want, at the price you want, from other people's stuff, you should definitely go with that. :-)

As far as Apple using their heft to direct the market... it wasn't all that long ago that Apple was considered dead in the water, ripe for Chapter 11 and bankruptcy. You have to consider how they *got* that heft, and it wasn't by spending money on advertising.

They got that heft by giving people a simple gadget to do a simple job - the iPod and iTunes. Everything prior to that was really really annoying to manage, even for geeks. I remember, it was a massive pain managing MP3s by hand, trying to compress the heck out of them and sync them via a shitty special cable and horrible software to some other random device.

Your average ordinary person had no chance of making sense of a iPod V1 period MP3 player from anyone else. Give them an iPod and iTunes, and it all "just worked."

Sure, it was a bloody expensive item... but people bought it, because it Just Worked. And the price came down, and down, and down, as it always does.

They've done exactly the same thing with the iPhone. Your average consumer has no idea how to work a Nokia phone and access all the features. I can hand my iPhone to a 3 year old who's never seen one, and they can figure out how to use it.
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