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thorfinn ([personal profile] thorfinn) wrote2037-01-18 12:00 am

Social Networky

Here is where I exist on various social networks:

  • ([personal profile] thorfinn) is where I put more useful things like actual recipes, discussions of more substance, and similar actual blog-like things; If you're coming from LJ over to Dreamwidth, log in after reading DW OpenID Help to you can comment. If you're on DW and I've subscribed to you, I've most likely given you access too. Please don't feel obligated to give me access back unless you want to. I use tighter filters for any seriously sensitive content, so my access list is just for "I don't want this content permanently cached anywhere else".

  • ([ profile] thorfi) is where I put random micro thoughts, general chatter and some types of linkspam;

  • is where I handle social events, gossip, more link spam, some photos and suchlike;

  • Apple Game Center Nickname: thorfi
  • ([ profile] thorfinn) is where I originally kept all of the stuff that is now on Dreamwidth, but I have migrated all content to DW and will be posting on DW and crossposting to LJ. I still read LJ. (My old post Migrating from LJ to DW has some mumbling about why.)

I do not auto gateway any stuff between the various social networky places, since I am using them for quite different purposes.