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So, last time I posted about Jedi swing dancing it was blindfolded couples...

This time, the final two couples at Lindy Focus X do some swing dancing without physical touch ( )

I am amazed by the winners' abilities - both by the lead's ability to body lead without actually touching ... and by the follow's even more amazing ability to follow those body leads without physically feeling them. There is "shared vocabulary" trickery going on, but I suspect less than you would think.

Mad skills. If anyone knows the names of the competitors, let me know, the Lindy Focus website doesn't have winners lists up yet. :-)
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Just a super quick drop in - I'll make a more substantial post in the next few days I suspect. :-)

In the meantime, here's a link to one of the two Swing dancing routines I performed on the weekend:

Swing Patrol North Melbourne Level 3 Performance Ball 2011

Not a perfect performance, but I'm dancing partnered with a teacher I've been learning from since I first started this thing nearly six years ago, and managed to avoid being blown off the stage by her sheer awesomeness, so I'm happy with that. :-)

I've definitely come a long way since the first time I performed this routine - four years ago with St Kilda for the same annual Performance Ball...

ETA: Also, [personal profile] seedy_girl is the lead in the green vest, white sleeves and red tie starting at the top right.
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I don't normally do linkspam here, but this is worth posting. :-)

One of my regular swing dancing venues held a Jedi Jack and Jill swing dancing competition last night, starring a number of the local teachers. For those not in the know, a Jack and Jill competition is where you line up and have randomly selected partners... Then you have to swing dance to whatever music is played, making the whole dance up as you go. A true test of the madness that is swing dancing, essentially.

Jedi Jack and Jill, well, all competitors are blindfolded, then away you go...

Video of the final two songs with the final two couples are here:


I'm occasionally in shot clapping like a mad thing in the background, sometimes hidden by another audient, but if you can tear your eyes away from the potential death action to spot me, I'll be impressed. :-)

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