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Birthdate:May 22
Website:Facebook: David Thorfinn Goh
Don't really have anything to say.

See David Thorfinn Goh - or @thorfi for more spammage from me.

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, 3kingdoms, a.c.g., alice in wonderland, altos, alyson hannigan, anime, apple computers, astro-boy, aus.culture.gothic, australia, b&d, bauhaus, bdsm, bettie page, biology, bisexuality, blackadder, board games, bondage, books, boys, breasts, british comedy, card games, cats, cheesecake, chess, chess variants, china, chinese food, choir, choral music, classical music, coffee, comics, computer games, computers, conventions, cooking, corsets, cthulhu mythos, cuddling, cybernetics, cyberpunk, d&s, dancing, debian, diplomacy, discrete maths, douglas adams, dr. seuss, erotica, everything, evil geniuses, fantasy, fetish, fetish fashion, films, fishnets, freedom force, french postcards, friends, games, games conventions, girls, gming, goth, goths, hello kitty, high heels, homeworld ii, iain banks, internet, invader zim, isaac asimov, jodi foster, jrr tolkien, kinesthetics, kink, kissing, learning, lewis carroll, life, logic, lord of the rings, m c escher, manga, martial-arts, melbourne, microscopes, miskatonic university, monty python, movies, music, mythology, nature, neal stephenson, neverwinter nights, nice boots, nuclear hand-grenades, paganism, phillip k dick, pinging, pinky and the brain, politics, polyamory, porn, quality, queer theory, reading, religion, robert anton wilson, roleplaying games, sarcasm, school uniforms, sci-fi, science fiction, settlers of catan, sex, shadowrun, singing, sla industries, sm, snuggling, strategy games, subverting the dominant paradigm, sydney, tai-chi, tea, the beatles, the cabal, the clouds, the teaparty, velvet, vodka, william gibson, writing

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