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Australian Parliament House - Senate - Inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009

Australian Marriage Equality - how to make a senate submission

Equal Love Campaign - Australia

Equal Love Campaign - Online Submission Form

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I write to express my support for the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009.

Although I myself am in a heterosexual marriage, my partner and I chose to do a registry ceremony in the morning with just ourselves and required witnesses, and then held what we consider our Real Wedding in the afternoon, in front of our relatives and friends.

A major factor in that decision to keep the "legal ceremony" out of sight is the required wording reminding people that marriage is an exclusive union of a man and a woman.

We both have a large number of non-heterosexual friends, and we felt that that required wording would be offensive to them, and offensive to us.

I wish that our friends who wish to be joined in marriage in Australia be allowed to do so, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Anything else is a blatant inequality - their relationships are not any less powerful or worthy than my own, so why are they not allowed to choose the union of marriage?

Thank you,

David Goh

April 2015

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